Dining Room With Blind

Extending a home and building a conservatory is usually a long, carefully thought two-step process.

First step focuses on the construction of the structural vision we have for the family home and the second step, focuses on both the functional and decorative fitting of blinds.

So, the construction of your conservatory has been successfully completed and you have increased its useable area, the value of your home and its saleability. So what about blinds?

Here are our 5 Steps to help you navigate through finding the right conservatory blind fitter

1.     List your goals

Blinds can provide us with a series of technical, functional and decorative solutions, and it all depends on what we wish to prioritise on, as they will ultimately impact the budget. So, what do you wish to achieve? Some ideas:

·       Year round thermal comfort

·       A desired degree of privacy

·       The right light level of light permeating through the conservatory

·       A modern versus classic feel

·       Manual versus motorized blinds

·       Will children be using the space

2.     Idea books for inspiration

If you are not sure on what look or style of blind to go for, use Houzz.co.uk and search the available Idea books for inspiration. This will help you build a portfolio for your ultimate look backed by your goals. It will also give you an understanding of the conservatory blind fitters that can provide you with the desired solution.

3.     Reviews

Once you have a list of possible conservatory blind fitters, read reviews. Many of us are more than happy to share our experiences after using various trades. Use sites such as Checkatrade, Feefo and Which that publish consumer reviews and use it positively to reduce your list to no more than 5 fitters. Read the most positive and negative reviews to help shape an image of the business. Review the businesses online pages and find out how many years’ experience they have and what makes them unique.

4.     Brochures

Armed with your list of no more than 5 fitters, request business brochures. If you are still undecided and have queries give them a ring. Ask them what kind of work they usually do, what is special about their products, fabrics and solutions. If you are feeling that this fitter is a serious contender, ask for a free no obligation appointment.

5.     Free no obligation appointment

This is the best way to experience the fitter. Ask all the questions you can think off. Look at fabrics, colour palettes, ask for before and after photos, lead times, after sales support, guarantees and of course their best quote.

Once you feel you have chosen the right partner to fit your conservatory blinds, then go for it and make sure you enjoy that newly created space!