#The Most Instagrammable Room in your House

From your beloved open plan kitchen to your all impressive loft conversion; at Conservatory Blinds 4 Less we’ve researched and collected data from across the world to find the most Instagrammable room in your house. Whether it’s for personal inspiration or just general curiosity, we analysed data collected from over 139, 544,624 different Instagram posts to see which ‘dream rooms’ people fantasise over in their free time.

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Kitchen Bedroom Living room Bathroom Nursery Home Office Kids room Loft/Attic Garage Dining room Basement Pantry Laundry room Family room Conservatory Guest room Utility room

The interactive infographic below shows the Instagram data we collected for each room in a house, with the inclusion of some lesser known rooms added for more diversity. Read on for more detail.



#1 Kitchen = 39,189,992 posts


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At number one we have the kitchen. The kitchen is the social hub for most families, serving as the place where family and guests often gather to socialise, eat, and cook together. A renowned bonding area, Instagram acts as the perfect platform to allow people to be inspired in new ways to develop the style and feel of your kitchen.


#2 Bedroom = 21,345,111 posts


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Without the perfect, relaxed environment of your ideal bedroom, switching off can be difficult. Instagram has helped millions of people be inspired by new trends and styles to make your bedroom your own personal haven.

#3 Livng room = 20,126,152 posts


Arguably one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to decorating, the living room is the main room where you entertain guests and loved ones. With over 20 million posts mentioning the living room, Instagram has helped countless people find new styles and develop their own creativity to reflect themselves and popular trends.


#4 Bathroom = 16,491,692 posts


The bathroom can offer that momentary space of solitude as well as a great place to unwind from the stresses of the day. Often one of the most contemporary and stylish parts of your home, people turn to Instagram for expert advice and guidance in how to maximise the look of your bathroom.


#5 Nursery = 10,243,321 posts


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A post shared by Mama Shack ™ (@mamashackbaby)


The baby boom of lockdown has inevitably caused a surge in Instagram home nursery posts. Surprisingly stylish, Nursery images on Instagram follow on-trend looks to help you and your partner create your ideal home nursery.


#6 Home Office = 6,790,642 posts


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Also another forced trend of lockdown, the home office has rocketed onto people’s Instagram feed. With people refreshing their office space to help refresh their own personal mindset, Instagrammers have actively sought inspiration from the social site to achieve this, capturing every angle and every trend in their cool and contemporary home office.


#7 Kids room = 6,389,334 posts


Helping kids feel comfortable and at ease at home, parents have actively helped others with new ideas on Instagram to help build a safe space for their children. In turn, this has helped people create millions of stylish spaces for sleep and play.


#8 Loft/Attic = 5,575,392 posts


A loft is an ideal room to be renovated into usable space. Whether you turn it into your dream man-cave, an extra bedroom, or be creative and turn it into a playroom for the kids, people have actively searched for dream loft ideas a staggering 5.5 million times.


#9 Garage = 5,524,882 posts


Often converted into a chic music room or home gym, people have inspired others on how to maximise space in their garage over 5 million times on Instagram.


#10 Dining room = 4,021,168 posts


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A post shared by Vibeke J Dyremyhr (@interior_delux)


Surprisingly lower down on the list than most would have imagined, the dining room is full of inspiration and has been tagged in millions of different Instagram posts. Acting as a social meeting spot, it reflects a person or family’s character through personal furniture style and overall decor.


#11 Basement = 988,857 posts


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A more common room in North America, the basement is the ultimate hideaway. A place to relax or entertain friends and family, basements have been tagged just under 1 million times on Instagram.


#12 Pantry = 781,768 posts


Moving down into less common rooms, the pantry is a niche space located near the kitchen. Often an extension, this can be a stylish accessory to your home following vintage trends perfect for their retro aesthetic. 


#13 Laundry room = 753,322 posts


Maybe conventionally thought of as a less appealing room, a laundry room still can be instagrammable! Popular trends used throughout other rooms in the house can be incorporated into this room to help make it that little bit more inviting.


#14 Family room = 494,604 posts


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A post shared by Cecelia (@thewelldressedhouse)


A room not always found in every house, the family room or den as some people call it, is a private room dedicated to family time. Perhaps seeing an influx in tags due to quality time spent in lockdown, Instagram offers tips and inspiration to achieve the most out of this space.


#15 Conservatory = 463,299 posts


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A post shared by DKF (@graciousopulence)


More common during summer months, conservatories offer the perfect space to enjoy both the inside and outside space. Expect this room to become more popular as we move into the warmer season.

#16 Guest room = 298,153 posts


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A post shared by Monica Fjeld (@monicafjeld.interior)


A room to help make your guests feel welcome and at home, Instagram allows you to find creative and seasonally relevant trends to ensure this happens. Although it is not the most popular room on Instagram, it is a room that should be full of character and style.


#17 Utility room = 76,935 posts


Bringing an end to the list, we finally come to the utility room. Understandably not the most popular room on Instagram, it is a room that serves the purpose of either storage or appliances. It might be the hardest room to make appealing however over 76,000 posts on Instagram offer helpful tips to achieve this.




We analysed Instagram hashtag data to discover the top five most used hashtags relevant to each room. Once we collected the # figures associated with the top 5, we added these together.


Please find an example below: 



Hashtag Amount of posts on Instagram
#bathroomdecor 1,903,577
#bathroom 10,041,023
#bathroomdesign 3,561,603
#bathroominspo 734,982
#bathroom tiles 250,507
Total 16,491,692


After we had added the hashtags together, we had an overall number of posts per room. We ranked these from highest to lowest, revealing which room in the home users like to show off the most!