40+ Incredible Small Garden Ideas

Having a small garden can be a nightmare at times, it’s far too small for you to do anything crazy and extravagant, but you still want to make it your very own personal outdoor space, an outdoor living area of sorts. You just want to create somewhere you can relax, but how are you supposed to do that when your garden is the size of your living room. Well, taking a small yard and making it into your own little area isn’t as hard as you first thought.

Don’t fret, we’re aware that not everyone is a garden designer but we’ve got you covered with this list of 40 small garden ideas, garden design tips, and general top tips, with everything from cool, space saving seating ideas to space enhancing lighting – So whether you live in the country-side of Wales or the cramped, compact areas of London, we’re here to make your garden the best on the block.

In this post we’ll look to include garden design ideas for your small garden in all of the following areas:

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Railway Sleepers

Wooden railway sleepers can be used for a variety of projects around your garden, including being used to create a beautiful seating area for you and guests.

The use of railway sleepers to create a bench for your small garden, also allows you to create plant beds around your bench with the use of a few additional railway sleepers.

Railway Sleepers

Cement Block Bench

While it might not be the most stable bench you’ve ever taken a seat on, a cement brick bench can make a great addition to any garden, taking up minimal space and with the additional benefit of being easily moved to another area of the garden when needed.

This can be placed up against a wall, fence or hedge to provide a back rest, leaving plenty of space to roam and use as you wish – Another great benefit of such a simple bench is the ability to extend or shorten the bench by adding more cement blocks as well as a longer plank of wood.

Cement Blocks

Hanging Egg Chair

A hanging egg chair might be out of budget for some people, but if your wallet is capable of stretching that far then this could be exactly what you need for your garden.

The design of a hanging egg chair means it takes up hardly any space in a garden and can be moved from place to place with ease. They also have the added bonus of being super comfortable!

Hanging Egg Chair

Home Made Pallet Seating

The great thing about a home made pallet sofa is that it’s cheap and can help you save plenty of space in your small garden as you can fit it just about anywhere. You can create any shape or size you desire just by laying your pallets out in a different way – If the sofa is too close to the ground, stack a few pallets up and give it a lift, if you find it’s too short, extend it with a few more pallets. It’s genius!

Wooden Pallet Sofa

Picnic Table

The staple of garden furniture, and I mean who doesn’t love a picnic? Well a picnic table could be a cheap and easy alternative to a set of table and chairs, allowing you to take up as little space as possible while providing adequate seating for your guests, as well as an outdoor dining area for those summer days.

Picnic Bench

Old Bed

If you’re thinking about throwing out your old bed, think again! While a bed might take up quite a bit of space, cutting it short and using it as seating in your garden will make for great space saving, as well as an exceptionally comfortable seat for you and all your guests.

Not to mention, one nice days you can get your head down for that much needed afternoon nap!

Old Bed

Corner Sofa

Corner sofa’s don’t just have to be used in your living room – If you budget allows, a new or second-hand corner sofa could be the ideal addition to your small garden space.

Slotting perfectly into any corner, they’re great for saving space while also providing adequate seating for yourself and a number of guests. You can also purchase corner sofa’s in a variety of sizes and shapes meaning that no matter how small your garden might be, there’s a sofa to match.

Corner Sofa

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs might be uncomfortable, but they’re a cost-effective alternative to the likes of a hanging egg chair – Don’t be put off purchasing a set just because they can get uncomfortable; What do you think cushions were made for?!

If you look past the comfort aspect, a set of folding chairs, along with a small table are the perfect addition to any small garden as they can save plenty of space as well as being available in many different styles.

Folding CHairs

Split-Log Bench

Using tree logs, you can build a classy wooden split-log bench without having to empty your wallet.

A split-log bench would make a great addition to any small garden as they take up almost no space and can easily be moved from place to place if you ever want to change up the layout of your garden.

Split Log Bench

Wicker Nest Seat

Similar to a hanging egg chair, a wicker nest seat might burn a slight hole in your wallet, but does make a great addition for your small space.

It’s design and structure means it takes up hardly any space at all, with the great added benefit of being incredibly comfortable.

LED Lighting Strips

A cheap and effective solution to outdoor lighting is these awesome LED light strips that will transform your small, dark garden.

The great thing about LED light strips is their ability to be used just about anywhere.

LED Lighting Strips

LED Fairy Lights

Another cheap and cheerful way to light up your garden this year is LED fairy lights. Wrap them around seating, trees and bushes to add a little light to your small garden.

Fairy Lights

Under Seat Lighting

Under seat lighting is a great way to add some light to your garden while also looking incredible and not breaking the bank. You can achieve the same effect with LED lights being positioned underneath your seating.

Under Seat Lighting

Battery Powered Candles

Candles can make a great addition to addition to any garden but do pose a slight fire risk, especially if you have small children or pets roaming the garden. That’s where battery powered candles come into play, you can achieve the same sort of ambient light while removing the potential fire risk from your garden.

Battery Table Top Candles

Fire Pit

A fire pit will be the focal point of most gardens, adding a wow factor to your garden while also providing a source of heat to the lighting you were after.

Fire pits are compact and affordable, taking up minimal space in your small garden – Making them one of the best options for any garden.

Fire Pit

Hanging Light Pots

Hanging light pots are great for using zero space in your garden since they sit above ground, you can fill them with fairy lights, LED strips or even candles.

Hang them from trees, clothes lines or even bird boxes and more to add a neat light source to your garden.

Hanging Candles

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps are another light option that takes no space away from your small garden – making them a great option if you don’t have too much space to work with.

Wall lamps and lights are available in numerous styles, meaning there’s likely something for everyone.

Wall Lighting

Book Planters

If you’re anything like us, you might have some old books lying around the house that you haven’t touched in years – Why not make the most of them?

Books make a cool and unique way of planting your next batch of seeds, bound to draw anyone’s eyes next time they visit your garden.

Book Planters

Wooden Crate Planter

Wooden crates also make a great place to plant your flowers, available in various different sizes and styles they’re capable of adding an old rustic look to your garden while providing an great, movable flower bed, meaning you can switch the layout of your garden up as much as your like.

Wooden Crate Planter

Old Pram Planter

Another innovative way to make use of your old items, while also improving your garden and adding that special unique touch that no-one else is likely to have is to use an old pram as a planter. This is yet another mobile flower bed, allowing you to re-arrange your garden as you please.

Pram Planter

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a cheap and convenient way to plant flowers, herbs and more anywhere you like. Being so light weight, mason jars can be mounted around the garden, moved indoors or even buried in the ground to keep them secure, meaning you can still make use of your garden space.

Mason Jar

Wall Hanging

When you have a small garden, you don’t always want to be using the limited floor space, make use of hanging baskets by hanging your plants on a wall, this will keep them off the ground and free up space, and allows you to create a great mix of large-leaved exotic plants with a mixture of cottage-garden favourites like Geraniums, Honeysuckle and more.

If you don’t have any free space for a trellis, pots or even cool ideas like book planters and more then wall hanging plants can be mounted in pots, tins or even jars, meaning your wallet stays closed and your garden spacious.

34 New Wall Flower Pots Inspiration of wall mounted flower pots

Potted Plants

It might seem like a very obvious idea, but potted plants look great in just about any garden setting, while also not breaking the bank.

Garden pots can come in various sizes, styles and colours, meaning you can mix things up and find something to suit the size of your garden.

Potted Plants

Garden Trellis

A garden trellis is an incredible space saver for any garden. Encouraging plants to grow upwards instead of outwards like many pots and planters.

Trellis’ are an incredibly versatile product meaning you can install them on walls, drainpipes, sheds and even within flower beds, allowing you to incorporate climbing plants into your garden . They don’t just save space, but they look great too.


Living Wall

A living wall (Also sometimes known as a green wall) is a great way to add some greenery to your small garden when the ground space you’re working with is limited. A living wall allows you to create a sense of space within your garden, as you’re not removing the greenery, instead you’re just creating a vertical garden and freeing up more space for garden furniture.

Living Wall

Piano Planter

Yet another example of a quirky, unique planter is this old piano planter. Your wallet might want to close it’s eyes for this one as even an old piano might set you back a small chunk, especially if you’re planning to use it as a planter.

If you can get past the price, this can make an incredibly attractive addition to any garden.

Piano Planter

Hanging Tyre Planter

This hanging tyre planter will definitely draw your guests eyes – so long as you make sure they know not to use it as a swing.

It’s one of the best way to utilise vertical space while giving your garden a great visible aspect.

Tyre Planter

Insect Hotel

Insects can be annoying in the summer, always trying to find themselves a home in your kitchen or on the back of your furniture, but this simple insect hotel could be the answer.

Add a little wildlife to your garden by giving the insects somewhere to live, a small insect hotel/home somewhere accessible can make a great addition to any garden, attracting plenty of wildlife while also looking great.

Insect Hotel

Bat House

Bat’s might be a nocturnal animal but that doesn’t mean you can’t design your garden to attract them at night time, a bat house could be a great addition to a garden, drawing in bats and other wildlife that could possibly find yourself falling in love with.

Bat houses and wildlife in general can add a great finishing touch to any garden.

Bat House

Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are a common sight in many gardens across the country, birds are one of the most common animals attracted to people’s gardens with the offer of food and nesting areas.

Adding a bird feeder could give your small garden that hint of wildlife presence that we all enjoy while relaxing in the sun.

Bird Feeders

Nesting Bird Box

Along with bird feeders, bird boxes could be a great decorative piece for your garden, allowing your small winged friends a place to rest and even potentially nest and raise their young.

Who doesn’t like the idea of a family of birds being raised in your very own garden?

Nesting Box

Bird Bath

Bird baths are a great water feature to have in your garden, attracting more wildlife to your garden.

Bird baths are great for small gardens as they take up next to no space, while also being a great and cheap water feature.

Bird Bath

Water Fountain

If you’re not too bothered about attracting wildlife to your garden, then a simple water fountain could be a great alternative.

You achieve the same aesthetic look while still adding a cool wow factor to your garden – And who knows, maybe the birds will come and take a bath anyway.

Water Fountain


This one might be a little out of range for some people as it can get quite costly as well as taking up a little more space than you might want to give up, but if you’re not too concerned with the potential price and loss of space, then a pond could be the water feature you’re looking for.


It’s difficult to add a WOW factor to a small garden but a waterfall water feature could be the solution to this problem.

Waterfall’s are a beautiful water feature to add to your garden, with their vertical structure taking up very little space from your garden, while adding a centre piece to the whole garden.


Watering Can Fountain

If a waterfall or fountain are too basic for you then you might want to look into something similar to this cool watering can fountain.

This makes use of something simple – An everyday watering can – and turns it into the focal point of your whole garden. The cool thing about this water feature is that it can be set up in various different styles.

Watering Can Fountain

Summer House

Another solution that might only be applicable if you’ve got the money to spare is a summerhouse.

While they may take up quite a bit of space within your garden they allow you to use the interior for storage and lounging, so you’re not actually losing the space after all.

An additional benefit of a summer house is that it allows you to make the most of your garden regardless of the weather.


Storage Bench

Storage benches are the best of both worlds – Allowing you to add more seating to your garden, taking up very little space while also adding a storage element to your garden so you’re able to tidy up and keep unwanted toys and clutter out of sight.

Storage Bin-Bench

Wall Mounted Storage Cupboard

Storage is always a great thing to have, the ability to pack away clutter and just enjoy your small garden in peace without a mine field of toys. Wall mounted storage cupboards are excellent for this, as they take up virtually no space as they’re nicely mounted to a wall off the ground.

Wall Mounted Cupboard

Wood Storage

If you decided that a fire pit was a good addition to your garden, then you’re going to need somewhere to store your fire wood. You’re not going to want large fire wood logs strewn around your garden with such little space.

A simple wood storage house is a great solution to this, keeping your fire wood in one, dry place, allowing you to utilise the space in your garden as you wish.

Wood Storage

40. Bin Shed Storage

The one thing I dislike about my own garden is the wheelie-bins are an eye sore, they’re just plain ugly.

A bin storage shed is a no-brainer! They’re practical, take up minimal space, cheap and not to mention they’re a LOT better to look at than your dull wheelie-bins!

Bin Storage

If your garden isn’t the size of a London yard, and you have a larger space to work with, don’t take it for granted. Many smaller gardens would love the space you have, so make the most of it, and even try out some of these great small garden design ideas without feeling limited by space!