Is Your Conservatory Ready For Winter

Now that the clocks have moved back one hour and the number of glorious sun hours reduces drastically, winter feels like it is right round the corner with the cold Northerly winds kick starting the cooling down process. Heaters are switched on full blast and our conservatory doors remain closed.

We are a nation of conservatory lovers. We love the outdoors and love to sit in our conservatories looking out to our gardens.

The statistics* available suggest that

  • Approximately 18% of households in England have conservatories. (Possibly close to 25% in 2017)
  • Around 77% of conservatories have heating in them and
  • Just over half of those with heating (55%) are connected to the central heating system (…)
  • In winter, 56% of conservatories with heating are heated every day

These results demonstrate that a significant proportion of conservatories are heated, with potentially important cost implications.

  • In approximately 91% of dwellings with conservatories there is a separating door, possibly due to low thermal efficiency of the conservatories and
  • Most households with a conservatory with a separating door (83%) keep the door shut in winter

Some of us close off our conservatories during winter that is it a mild one with spring round the corner, once again.

Conservatories that aren’t thermally efficient don’t allow us to enjoy them all year round and that’s where our patented thermal blinds come in.

We use cutting edge technology in our roller thermal blinds, in particular a reflective film that was developed during the NASA Space Program. This reflective film reduces heat loss and minimises solar gain.

If your conservatory glass is single or double glazed, our thermal blinds can bring you important energy savings. Take a look at our table below and find out how much you could be saving.

Blinds Info

If you want to know how much you could be saving in heating and whether you could start using your conservatory all year round, call us for a free brochure and appointment.

Our blinds are made to measure and we will run through the various options both from a technical and home decor perspective, ensuring that you take the best decision for your home.

We want you use all of the divisions of your house all year round and make the conservatory part of your everyday life.

*Energy Follow-up Survey 2001. Prepared by BRE on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change, December 2013