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How to Create your Own Coastal-inspired Sunroom

Between the wildly popular ‘coastal grandma’ trend, the resurgence of nautical accessories and a continued focus on sustainable materials in interiors, coastal-inspired decors are very much in this year. 

And what better place to celebrate the charm of the seaside than in a sunroom?

Sunrooms have rocketed in popularity during the last 18 months, with more people looking to improve their home space and take advantage of the sun from the comfort of their own homes than ever before – perhaps something to do with having exotic climes off the cards for the vast majority of it.… Read More...

The UK’s Burglary Hotspots: Mapped

According to the most recent ONS figures, there were 258,594 criminal offences and incidents which involved burglary in the UK last year. 

While this number has dropped in national terms from the previous year (with incidences of burglary rising sharply during the first national lockdown in 2020) it is still seriously higher than many of our European neighbours. What’s more, certain areas of the UK have not seen a decline in crime rates relating to burglary, and others have even seen an increasing trend over the last 12 months. … Read More...

 Mumsnet’s Best Cleaning Hacks

mumsnet cleaning

“The cleaning products aisle is my favourite place in the supermarket that isn’t fattening.”

If anyone knows the best cleaning hacks, tips, tricks and (in some cases) miracles…it’s mums. 

Whether it’s scrubbing permanent marker off the wall, getting grass-stains out of school uniforms, or cleaning sudden spillages off the sofa, mums are experts in finding the best ways to clean up after many-a child-induced ‘little accident’. … Read More...

5 Beautiful Bridgerton-inspired Regencycore Home Decor Ideas 

We have used insight from luxury design experts to put together the following advice piece.

Bridgerton’s signature colour palette

Both the Bridgerton and Featherington estate is almost entirely decked out in soft, pastel hues rather than anything bold.

 Wedgewood Blue is the most prominent of these in the Bridgerton family household (a colour motif which is utlised within much of the costume and set design of Season 1, particularly for the Bridgerton siblings).… Read More...

How to Keep your Conservatory Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

Living in a house with a conservatory has a number of benefits. Whether you want a place to sunbathe in November, an extra dining space, a morning yoga spot, or simply a space for your dirty walking boots, there are so many unique ways to use these rooms.

Despite this, there is one conundrum that conservatory owners face year after year in the UK: how to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. … Read More...

Which Household Chores do Couples Fight over the Most (Mumsnet Reveals the Answer)

Home renovation experts at ConservatoryBlinds4Less have trawled through thousands of Mumsnet posts to find out exactly which household chores cause couples to fight the most. 

Our survey has revealed the 10 household chores couples are arguing over the most. We’ve measured these using the number of mentions of each task in threads under Mumsnet’s Relationships section, posted within the last 18 months. … Read More...

  1. 2021-22 National Utility Costs
  2. 2021-22 Monthly Utility Bill Costs per City
  3. 2021-22 Monthly Utility Bill Costs vs. Average Monthly Salary per City
  4. Map: Which UK Cities Pay the Most to Heat their Homes

2021-22 National Utility Costs

British households pay for several different types of energy-based utility, including heating, electricity, gas, hot water and car fuel. 

While there are potential correlations between these types of bills (for instance, as electric cars become more popular, money spent on car fuel is likely to decrease, while electricity bills will rise) generally the amount of money households are spending on energy bills as a whole is rising year on year. … Read More...

Can These Famous TV Characters Actually Afford Their Homes?

All of us have experienced house envy whilst watching Netflix, whether that’s over Jean Milburn’s stunning chalet in Sex Education or Ross’s New York apartment in Friends. The most frustrating thing is that most of these characters have regular jobs just like any of us. At Conservatory Blinds for Less, we conducted a study to find which famous TV characters can actually afford their homes.… Read More...

#The Most Instagrammable Room in your House

From your beloved open plan kitchen to your all impressive loft conversion; at Conservatory Blinds 4 Less we’ve researched and collected data from across the world to find the most Instagrammable room in your house. Whether it’s for personal inspiration or just general curiosity, we analysed data collected from over 139, 544,624 different Instagram posts to see which ‘dream rooms’ people fantasise over in their free time.Read More...

Mapped: Top Interior Design Trends By Country

From Scandinavian-inspired decor to maximalism; at Conservatory Blinds 4 Less we’ve researched and collected data for the most popular interior design trends across the world. We’ve mapped out which interior trend is most Googled per country to see just how popular certain trends are, and where they are most searched.


Top 10 Interior Search Trends Revealed 


With over 105,000 annual searches, Shabby Chic was named the most popular interior search trend.Read More...