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How to Maintain Vitamin D Levels During Lockdown

Vitamin D is essential for supporting your immune system, brain, bone health and heart. Sunshine is the best source of vitamin D, however, it can be hard to get enough when spending an increased amount of time indoors. From implementing Vitamin D into your diet, to exercising outdoors; here are some top tips on how to maintain your vitamin D levels during lockdown.Read More...

Is Your Conservatory Ready For Winter


Now that the clocks have moved back one hour and the number of glorious sun hours reduces drastically, winter feels like it is right round the corner with the cold Northerly winds kick starting the cooling down process. Heaters are switched on full blast and our conservatory doors remain closed.

We are a nation of conservatory lovers. We love the outdoors and love to sit in our conservatories looking out to our gardens.… Read More...

Why not motorise your blinds?


Why not motorise your blinds? 3 reasons why you should

Most of us fit blinds in our homes and never really consider motorising them. Irrespective of the size and style of the blinds, most blinds can have a motor fitted and the advantages are numerous. Through the power of a button we can enhancing our home’s comfort which is absolutely key to enjoying it more and more.… Read More...


Dining Room With Blind

Extending a home and building a conservatory is usually a long, carefully thought two-step process.

First step focuses on the construction of the structural vision we have for the family home and the second step, focuses on both the functional and decorative fitting of blinds.

So, the construction of your conservatory has been successfully completed and you have increased its useable area, the value of your home and its saleability.Read More...