Can These Famous TV Characters Actually Afford Their Homes?

All of us have experienced house envy whilst watching Netflix, whether that’s over Jean Milburn’s stunning chalet in Sex Education or Ross’s New York apartment in Friends. The most frustrating thing is that most of these characters have regular jobs just like any of us. At Conservatory Blinds for Less, we conducted a study to find which famous TV characters can actually afford their homes. To officially shatter the Hollywood illusion that almost anyone can afford an apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower (we’re looking at you, Emily in Paris!), we’ve researched the amount of rent or mortgage payments these characters would really be paying and whether their salaries would cover it. See the results below!


To find the average cost of the character’s homes, we researched details of each property such as location and number of bedrooms through pop culture sites. We then found the estimated price of the property by calculating the median rent or property value of online listings with the same details on property websites such as, and To calculate the estimated salary of the character, we researched their occupation through pop culture sites and then researched an estimated salary for that occupation in the location the character lives. 

To find whether character’s could afford their homes (for renting), we based our estimation on the idea that ⅓ of your monthly salary will go on rent. We used the Salary After Tax calculator to find how much the character earns per month after tax and calculated 33% of this figure to see whether they could afford their rent. For character’s who are homeowners, we input the character’s salary into a Mortgage Calculator (US) or Mortgage Calculator (UK) to find out whether they could afford their home.

For accuracy, we adjusted all figures including the salaries and property prices for inflation depending on when the TV show was set.