Month: March 2022

5 Beautiful Bridgerton-inspired Regencycore Home Decor Ideas 

We have used insight from luxury design experts to put together the following advice piece.

Bridgerton’s signature colour palette

Both the Bridgerton and Featherington estate is almost entirely decked out in soft, pastel hues rather than anything bold.

 Wedgewood Blue is the most prominent of these in the Bridgerton family household (a colour motif which is utlised within much of the costume and set design of Season 1, particularly for the Bridgerton siblings).… Read More...

How to Keep your Conservatory Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

Living in a house with a conservatory has a number of benefits. Whether you want a place to sunbathe in November, an extra dining space, a morning yoga spot, or simply a space for your dirty walking boots, there are so many unique ways to use these rooms.

Despite this, there is one conundrum that conservatory owners face year after year in the UK: how to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. … Read More...