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Can These Pop Culture Icons Actually Afford Their Home in 2019

Television makes everything look easy – Robbing a bank, landing your dream job, affording an excessively big house – all more than attainable on TV. However, what if we reverse these roles, and figure out whether or not some of your favourite, pop culture icons could live quite so comfortably in the real world. Here at Conservatory Blinds 4 Less, we decided to actually have a go at figure this out.


Sleeping Positions: What Do They Say About Your Personality?

Sleep is important. Without it, we’d eventually die. Sleep is often thought of as the time your body and mind shut down and you recover from the day. This is partly true, your body does need sleep in order to recover, however, your body and mind are far from shut down. Sleep is actually a fairly active period for the mind and body, allowing time for important processing, restoration and strengthening. 


Which Professions are the Most Sleep Deprived?

Did you get a good night’s sleep last night? Well, you might think you did, but the answer might actually depend on your career choice. A study by Sleep Council shows that how well you sleep can vary depending on the industry you work in.

Continue reading below to find out if you’re working in one of the top 5 most or least sleep deprived professions, and if you are, be sure to check out these 7 tips for a better night’s sleep.


Is Your Conservatory Ready For Winter

Now that the clocks have moved back one hour and the number of glorious sun hours reduces drastically, winter feels like it is right round the corner with the cold Northerly winds kick starting the cooling down process. Heaters are switched on full blast and our conservatory doors remain closed.

We are a nation of conservatory lovers. We love the outdoors and love to sit in our conservatories looking out to our gardens.… Read More…

The Sleeping Habits of Pets: How do you Compare?

Most animals actually sleep better than we do – which might be hard to believe when you see your cat crumpled into a ball in the most awkward of places.

Have you ever been jealous of how much your pet sleeps? Yeah, us too. Take a look at our infographic and see how your sleeping habits compare to our fury (and scaly) friends!


Bringing a Conservatory Back to the Heart of the Home

When living space in our homes is limited, we always look at ways of expanding square footage and of adding value in the long run. Building a conservatory is for many the ideal solution by extending, usually to the back of the house.

Unfortunately many conservatories, aren’t built to withstand year round temperature fluctuations and that was one of the reasons why this large conservatory, had been set aside.Read More…

40+ Incredible Small Garden Ideas

Having a small garden can be a nightmare at times, it’s far too small for you to do anything crazy and extravagant, but you still want to make it your very own personal outdoor space, an outdoor living area of sorts. You just want to create somewhere you can relax, but how are you supposed to do that when your garden is the size of your living room.


Why not motorise your blinds?

Why not motorise your blinds? 3 reasons why you should

Most of us fit blinds in our homes and never really consider motorising them. Irrespective of the size and style of the blinds, most blinds can have a motor fitted and the advantages are numerous. Through the power of a button we can enhancing our home’s comfort which is absolutely key to enjoying it more and more.… Read More…

101 “Home Quotes” That’ll Make You Miss Home!

A home is a place where laughter never ends, love is always present and family and friends are always welcome. Regardless of where you live, home is always home. Whether that feeling of safety and comfort can be put into words, we’re not too sure, but we’re going to leave that to the experts. These home quotes will give you a warm feeling, just thinking about the place where you grew up or even the place you go to sleep every night.



Dining Room With Blind

Extending a home and building a conservatory is usually a long, carefully thought two-step process.

First step focuses on the construction of the structural vision we have for the family home and the second step, focuses on both the functional and decorative fitting of blinds.

So, the construction of your conservatory has been successfully completed and you have increased its useable area, the value of your home and its saleability.Read More…