Motorized Blinds (Remote Electric / Automatic Blinds)

Most of our blinds can be motorized. We utilize wherever possible an innovative, solar charging, system which will operate the blinds running-cost free and eliminate the need for unsightly cabling and control boxes.

Sunlight in day-time hours is sufficient to charge the batteries (see below) via the solar panel (see below). All of the blinds are controlled by a wall mounted control panel or a simple, hand-held, remote control.




What do motorized blinds cost?

Installation costs for motorized blinds will vary depending on the number of windows you that you wish to cover.


Can existing blinds be motorized?

The short answer is yes, you can motorize most existing blinds and shades. This is done by adding a motor to the tilt of blinds, it’s important to mention that this can’t be done on all blinds though. 


What are the best-motorized blinds?

Motorized blinds have a tube installed at the top that lifts the shade up. The battery fits above that and connects to a motor for power. We utilise an innovative, solar charging, system for our motorized blinds which will operate with a free running-cost and eliminate the need for unsightly cabling and control boxes.


Are motorized blinds worth it?

Yes, motorized blinds are worth the investment. It’s a slightly subjective answer, but they are a sound investment, so if you want them as an addition in your home, why wait.